On May 6th and 7th, the 2024 Australia Weanling Sale, an auction organized by Inglis in Sydney, took place. The catalog featured 448 horses, including offspring from over 100 stallions, providing a wide variety of options. Instead of attending in person, I relied on bloodstock agents from Inglis to conduct physical checks of the horses and requested video recordings, which were then used for meetings. Weanling horses have different body types compared to yearlings, so the points to consider when assessing their physique are different. Additionally, weanling horses offer the advantage of being available at reasonable prices compared to yearlings, even with good pedigrees. Some individuals, known as pinhookers, purchase horses at such sales to promote their growth and later sell them at auctions for profit. While I participated in online bidding for several horses on the auction day, I did not secure any purchases. However, I will continue to actively participate in future auctions to provide horse owners with better options.