The Ballina Cup was held on January 25. It is the largest of the home track races and is a qualifying race in which the winner is eligible to run in the Big Dance, a $3 million race at Randwick Racecourse with a total purse of $3 million. We have run horses from the Japanos Stables every year, with Jacksplat finishing second two years ago, and last year we also sent Bahamut. This year, the race was postponed for a week due to rain, but we had Do It For You and he finished 7th. Jockey Kirk Matheson said, “I caught 3 deep but he was pretty game to fought on the way he did. He will be a nice horse in the future.” Although he lost the race, this performance against an open class opponent, despite covering the extra ground, is very commendable and reaffirms his ability.