The Japanxpz Stable has relocated to a new facility. The new location is near the previous stable, and we will continue to train our horses at Ballina Racecourse as before.

“Some horses experienced a temporary decrease in appetite when they moved to the new environment, but now, after a few days, they have returned to their normal routines and have become accustomed to the new surroundings. While we are still getting used to the new facility, we are very pleased to have moved to such a wonderful stable,” said Daiki.

The new stable features more open spaces compared to the previous one, allowing the horses to see the outside environment. Additionally, the facility is well-equipped with amenities such as a paddock, a dressage arena, a walking machine, and practice barriers on the premises.

“We will utilize the grass paddock and the  dressage arena in the field according to our needs. In the stables, the horses can look outside and enjoy the sunlight and breeze, which seems to be very pleasant for them. The staff also enjoy working outside. This new movement is likely to benefit both the horses and the people mentally,”

We look forward to utilizing the new facility to its fullest potential and further advancing the success of our stable.