We are pleased to announce that a new rider, Larissa Lefroy, has joined the team at Japanoz Stable. Larissa, who works as a veterinary nurse, learned about Japanoz Stable when my staff brought the dog to her clinic. Her love for horses and her daily riding quickly adapted her to riding at the racecourse.

“Although she had riding experience, it was all self-taught, so she needed to learn the basics. However, she has excellent balance on horseback and a natural talent for riding. We hope she continues to improve her riding with plenty of morning trackwork. She has set a goal to challenge herself as an apprentice jockey, and we aim to support her here at Japanoz Stable,” said Daiki, sharing his vision for the future.

At Japanoz Stable, we believe in the importance of training both horses and the people who work with them.