I would like to introduce jockey Nori Masuda, who is working hard as the main jockey for the Japanoz Stable. In this season (starting in August), he has won 14 races in the Northern River district, placing him in second position in the local jockey standings. The racecourses in this area are tricky, with many tight turns, but Nori skillfully handles the nuances of each horse, even on such challenging tracks.

Moreover, due to his policy of not refusing to ride any horse, he enjoys a high level of trust from local trainers. He comes and ride my horses every morning for trackwork, providing valuable advice, although it can be challenging to secure his ride for our horses races since he is in high demand. Nevertheless, working with Nori to train the horses is enjoyable.

While the current season still has a long way to go, our stable will continue to offer full support. We hope Nori can compete throughout the season without injuries and secure the top spot in the jockey standings.