True Fairy claimed victory on January 7th at the Lismore Racecourse in an impressive performance during a maiden race. Running strategically from a mid-field position in the elongated formation, the horse skillfully ridden, unleashing a powerful late run on the outer side of the straight.

Jockey Nori Masuda, who guided True Fairy to success, shared insights into the race, stating, “Compared to the last two starts, the draw this time was more favorable. The start wasn’t exceptionally fast, but after the few strides, the acceleration allowed us to settle in midfield position, maintaining a good rhythm throughout. I was confident in my horse. True Fairy showed great strength, and we were able to secure a solid outcome.”

Trainer Chujo also expressed satisfaction with the performance, noting, “Although a front-runner set a quick pace, True Fairy managed to assertively close the gap and secure the win. Breaking the maiden victory is a relief, and I want to extend my congratulations to the horse’s owners. Well done!”

True Fairy’s triumph in its third start has added a noteworthy chapter to its racing journey, leaving both jockey and trainer optimistic about the horse’s future endeavors.